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Hmmmm… Beautiful word, happiness everywhere, twinkling start, in background 🎻 music, night light, dark sky, shore of sea, walking with your loved ones, holding hand each other. Waves touch ur feet. Breeze passing away. Is anything beautiful than this…☺️ But it all are beautiful in only one condition..when ur partner is true, he/she loyal withContinue reading “Love”

Taking a decision…

Well …we all know what is good or what is bad for us. But sometimes a simple thing we can’t take decision…should I do or not😊?? BecoZ not every decisy is easy to take. We need time to think. I took a decision to left the job even I know I will be in trouble.Continue reading “Taking a decision…”

Short message for everyone…

Take a one day break from office work. and resting home. Do nothing. Just relax. And make ur mind on resting mode. Sometimes we need it most and it’s really worth it. Your mind is also need rest and increase ur ability to take decision and handle the all other situation which you can’t control.

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