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Everyone deserve love.

Everyone deserve love.yes. in our childhood we need love from siblings…but what when we did not get siblings love ??? We need love from love bf/gf when we young..but what happen when we did not get love from loved ones.. because always Our love one sided. When someone doesn’t give back love to us..and thisContinue reading “Everyone deserve love.”

Feeling low

How bad you feel inside when someone hurts you…it’s feel like everything is burning inside. How cruel is world. How ppl treat you like shit…nobody cares about ur tears.. ppl don’t feel they hurt you…they enjoy like nothing is happen…eating ice cream celebrate their happy moments…and you just sit and cry alone. No body willContinue reading “Feeling low”

When someone reject your love

When someone reject your love.. you feel like nothing…But in reality something really dying inside. It’s very painful to see you love every day but you know it’s not ur. He/ she don’t give love back to you. You hurt every time every moment. His ignorance kill you badly. Sad …but it’s very painful moment.

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